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Our step-by-step plan

A custom DFB case or flight case starts with clearly identifying what the customer has in mind for the products to be packaged. During the initial meeting, the needs are clarified and we can advise on which model (standard or customised) and design are most suitable. Afterwards, a design and offer will be prepared. If you agree with our advice and proposal, the design will be developed in our drawing office into a CAD drawing for review. After approval, everything will be prepared for CNC machining and production can start. With series productions, a test model is often created first to avoid potential errors.


1. Do the case check

Upload a photo and your product dimensions


2. Taking stock

We take stock of what is needed and create an internal design


3. Calculation

We include everything we need to achieve the desired end product in our calculation.


4. Custom advice

You will receive a quote with advice on the most suitable case/flight case for your purposes.


5. Cad/Cam

After receiving the order, we prepare the design in Cad drawings, which you are sent for approval.