Stop particles with DFB foam coating

Foam coating is a concept developed by DFB Cases to minimise dust particles and contamination of packaging foams. The foam part or interior is completely encapsulated by the smooth, seamless and flexible coating, preventing any dust particles from penetrating the cellular structure of the foam.

An extra dimension for your foam interior

Flocking your foam or case interior in a matching colour makes your products stand out even more. The products are nestled in an eye-catching soft velvet top layer.

Geef je kofferinterieur extra dimensie.png

Engrave the item number in your foam interior

If the name or item number for the items to be packaged needs to be visible, laser engraving is a great option. This technique involves engraving directly into the foam at about a 1 mm depth.

Integrating labels into your foam interior

Using a label including item number for each item adds clarity to your range. This can be an anodised aluminium plate with silkscreen printing, or a two-colour laminated plastic plate where the underlying colour is engraved to reveal the letters/numbers.